30 July 2012

Little Fashion Dreams: June/July Haul

Okay.. I've bought a few pieces, both make up, accessories and clothes, over the last couple of months, not to mention a new iPod (hehe). So I thought I'd write a post showing you what I've bought.
 The day before we went to Cornwall, I had a last minute dash around town to pick up some new clothes, all optimistically summery (for a week that rained constantly!). I was in desperate need of new tops (still am tbh...) and shorts. I have to say, it is IMPOSSIBLE to buy shorts that aren't totally slashed or hotpants, unless you head for the 40+ shops and buy linen trousers... In the end, after trying on dozens of shorts, I managed to find these two -a high-waisted floral pair, and some pink hotpants, both from Parisian -and to avoid any camel toe I just went up a size for safety! The shirts and the shorts were all available at New Look when I bought them, and the tee (which I wear waay to much!!) is from Next.
 Next time I went shopping, I had just bought an iPod, and had a few other things that I wanted to get later, so I only let myself get a bikini. Why bikini top sizes are always in dress sizes I will never know, but I was really happy to find that this little baby from Dorothy Perkins fit :)
 At the airport, I caved into my need for a new pencil eyeliner and got Benefit's BADgal in grey. Duty-free airport shopping all the way!
I had been planning on buying myself a new school bag, although I wasn't expecting to find it in Northern Ireland, not least because shopping was not on the agenda (see what I got up to here: http://eleanorslittledreams.blogspot.co.uk/2012/07/busy.html) But on the way back from a morning walk along the marina, TK Maxx called and I found this shopper from Edina Ronay for a crazy saving. So that's me sorted for a while.. until more funds come in, that is!!


  1. Very nice shorts!
    And new ipod? ~Jealous!!


    1. Thank you! Hehe, my iPod was a budget-busting post-exam treat to myself. So worth it though! X


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