9 July 2012

Little Travelling Dreams: The Start

It was a rainy day to travel to Cornwall last Monday; though I shouldn't have been surprised. All UK holidays seem to involve rain for me!
We were staying in Cadgwith, a tiny village on Cornwall's Lizard Peninsular. It was the place that Monty Halls filmed The Fisherman's Apprentice, who I blogged about here.

We, my parents and I, all piled into our overstuffed car, along with my friend Maddy, who brought with her a pair of surfboards. As we drove further west, the conditions worsened: Devon was misty and Cornwall was near-invisible to us from the road. Everyone forgets something on holiday: I left my phone, after I took it out of my bag when I got an early morning text (from Maddy of all people!!), and my Dad spectacularly left the keys to unlocking his bike from the roof, after months of careful bike maintenance and buying new kit. Luckily, there is a little thing called a postal service that promised to send us the key by 9am the very next day (actually, it was a little after 10, but based on the miles of narrow, winding lanes, I'll forgive 'em).

By the time we got to our cliff-hugging cottage there seemed to be more water in the air than sea. And yet it didn't matter. As we explored our pretty cottage, which was surprisingly large and airy, I caught a glimpse of the view of the cove and my breath was taken away. I could barely see the coastline, but it was still amazing.

Maddy and I set out to discover Cadgwith, involving a walk down a narrow, rain sodden path. Although Cadgwith is tiny, it is well equipped with two pubs, a local shop and gallery, at least one fish monger's and a small fleet of fishing boats. Cadgwith is one of the last true fishing villages, untarnished by tourist shops in a honey pot area. When the weather is that bad, you can only laugh, and stare menacingly at the weatherman...

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