After sitting on the idea of a blog for a year, I started Coffee with Croissants in June 2012. Sometimes it can be a bit of a juggling act with school work, but I love the creative side of me that I get to explore when blogging.

Coffee with Croissants is primarily a food blog, but I love reading, shopping, routing around vintage shops and markets as well as simply donning my Hunters and going for a walk. I like the idea of being crafty, so any up-cycling projects will be posted to!

I'm a nationally qualified RYA dingy sailing instructor, and I am one of ten young adults representing the younger members of the RSPB on the Phoenix Forum. Both are extremely rewarding experiences, and I've met some amazing people.

I gained my instructing qualification through my youth sailing club. They trained me from the age of nine, all the way up through the basic sailing levels and beyond, and last year I was put forward to go on a five day Dingy Instructor's course. It was really tough, and I was in the bad books with my family for missing all our Easter dinner, but it was fun and one of my proudest achievements.

In September 2011, after being democratically elected by teenage members of the RSPB, I joined the Phoenix Forum. We meet four times every year across the UK and volunteer at the Bird Fair. I have written for the Wingbeat magazine, and we have the opportunity to to speak at conferences and other exciting things.

My literary soul has turned me into a romantic; I have grown up being taken around National Trust Houses and I love old buildings and houses. I love the outdoors, and I respect the world that I live in; so I'd like to become a marine biologist and make a difference to our planet and everything on it.

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