10 July 2012

Little Travelling Dreams: Surf's Up!

Day two in Cornwall dawned with the worrying realization that I was about to plunge into cold waters: we were going to use the boards, regardless of the weather, because this was going to be Maddy's only full day in Cornwall before she had to return home to her summer job.

After an undignified struggle into wetsuits, we waded in. The conditions weren't too bad with surf-able waves rolling in fairly often, breaking perhaps a little too close to shore, but hey, I was hardly going to need a long surf for my questionable ability!
For much of the two hours that Maddy and I were surfing, we were the only ones in the water. During that time I'd like to think that we provided lots of entertainment for the lifeguard and beach cafe guy, as we exhibited some pretty spectacular wipe-outs. Well: I hardly think what I did could be called a wipe-out seeing as I barely got standing: somehow I don't being almost horizontal by the time my legs straightened actually counts as 'standing'. My signature move generally involved me moving too slowly, or being too far forward on my board by the time a wave hit me, and then being tossed head over heels with my board flipping somewhere close to my head.
Unlike me, Maddy could stand on her board, and she didn't manage to snap off a fin from her board. *oops*

After that (and steaming cups of crunchie and fudge covered hot chocolate) we dumped the boards to spend an hour or so in Falmouth. In one area of the town, we discovered a gorgeous shop Kit's Boutique. Part haberdashers, part clothing boutique, part accessories haven, I could have spent hours amongst the Object d'Art beauty bags and the kitsch jewellery and mirrors, but I satisfied myself by returning by force the next day...

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