29 July 2012

Little Sporting Dreams: Football at the Olympics

On Wednesday I found myself hopping onto a train into Cardiff after being invited to watch the Women's Football by Maddy. We got there early enough to munch on some noodles at the lovely Wagamamma's, complete with a glass each of fruit 'n' veg juices. I've yet to master the art of chopsticks, but I managed to shovel in my prawns and tofu without too much embarrassment...
 From there, we made our way over to the stadium. We managed to avoid the handbag search by alternatively cramming a tonne of stuff into one tiny bag, and keeping the contents of a canvas bag in a clear inner bag. So, we were among the first people to get into the stadium.

After a couple of hours being deafened by the enthusiastic Welsh hostess, Great Britain vs New Zealand begun.
I was expecting New Zealand to easily beat Team GB, especially as the first ten minutes were played pretty close to our goal, but the first match yielded no goals. It did contain a few yellow cards, dished out pretty fast, and involved most of the crowd shouting "PASS TO NUMBER 15!" who always seemed to be in space.
Soon into the second half however, Britain scored; and to my amazement I found my arms punching the sky as I screamed in victory. Now that is crowd atmosphere! That was it for goals, which meant that Great Britain won the very first match of the Olympics. :D

Match two saw Brazil utterly thrash Cameroon 5-0. The playing was a lot more aggressive, but the dancing of the goal-scorers was great to watch, as Brazilian supporters brought the stands to life with drumming
Getting back was interesting... the queues outside the station were staggering and yet somehow, by tactical platform positioning, Maddy and I managed to grab the last two seats on the train home -no two hour standing sessions -phew!

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