12 July 2012

Little Tavelling Dreams: St. Ives

On my suggestion, we went to St. Ives for the day, which is one of the more popular Cornish towns. It has been popular with artists for generations, and has recently opened a Tate gallery on the waterfront.
After hunting down a little cove, chosen by Mum for it's beach cafe ("Its award winning,dear") we settled down in the sunshine. To my Mother's amusement we were joined on this tiny stretch of sand by BBC Coast presenter, Neil Oliver, who spent much of the day carefully constructing an elaborate sand castle long after his boden-clad children had lost interest.
We stayed for lunch, not that I got to each much of mine. No sooner had I unwrapped my chicken ticca baguette that I found myself wrestling for it against an opportunistic herring gull. I won, but there was a sizable chunk that I was no way going to eat.
Shaking slightly, I took a more defensive stance in my deck chair while finishing my food.
Yet clearly the damn bird (sorry RSPB!) had set me out as a target, and at the slightest window of opportunity it snatched the rest sandwich. It ate it in one.
^^Not at all random...
I couldn't settle after that, but I'd chosen the right town to be in. St. Ives is full of little shops; high street, independent and touristy. I had plenty of places to rummage in safe (I hoped) from seagull attack.

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