1 July 2012

Little Eco Dreams: Phoenix Forum

I am a member of of the RSPB, and last year, I was elected onto the teen forum, the Phoenix Forum. I've had a few meetings now, and I just have so much fun working with everyone. There are ten of us involved, and we're a complete mix. Some of the guys are really into your traditional birdwatching, and their knowledge is so inspiring. Others of us are more interested in wider issues, which I think helps to represent all the young adults who care about the environment, but aren't necessarily interested in bird watching.
We delved into psychology and had this big discussion on the rebranding of the Phoenix to help it to become more of an identity whilst still being strongly linked to the RSPB. The logo is pretty old now and possibly outdated, so it seems that that is pretty likely to go.

We're also planning on expanding our facebook page to get more people involved and informed. With a bit of luck, we will soon have a Twitter page up too.
Our meeting was at Rainham marshes, just outside London. At this time of year, it is pretty quiet in terms of wildlife, but it was still so pretty, albeit very windy! There were, however, lots of egrets, which are really pretty, graceful, birds. In the distance there you can see the Shard and other big financial buildings.
So if any of you out there do have the slightest inkling of environmental consciousness, I would definitely recommend joining the RSPB. It is pretty cheap, helps the environment and is really worthwhile. You get a member-written magazine aimed at 13-18 year old's four times a year, and you have the opportunity to meet others and get involved if you wish.

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