30 June 2012

School Prom 2012

I am snuggled in my cozy leavers's hoodie as I type this, having just got home from my friend Sophie's. Last night was our school prom, held at the local golf course where just about every school seems to go to. It was so funny to think that, aside from results day, this was the last time I would be with my year group before I move 'oop North'.

Ah, but wasn't everyone beautiful?? I wish that I had space to put every photo up!! We were so lucky: aside from a potentially hair-damaging wind blowing, the weather was perfect; no need for me to wear the peep toe tights that I had had to track down.

Sophie, Katie and I came in Sophie's brother, Alex's, Land Rover, with Alex posing as the coolest chauffeur. There were no space hoppers, helicopters, or limos, but my favorite transport of the night was a three person tandem, which is pretty wacky cool in anyone's books.

After we all went inside, we spent a lot of time milling around, mostly queuing for something like 45 minutes for photos. It was so worth it though: watching everyone pose is so funny!! Especially when there are too many people to fit in front of the screen without knocking it over...

The best bit was definitely watching Mr. Evans and Mr. Penny hit the dance floor. Mr. Evans is a tiny school veteran, who seems to have lead the History department forever. Mr. Penny is a giant, loud Geography teacher. The two are so close though; they really should have made up a bromance award just for these two!

Obviously a couple of the photos up here are from the photography company: I used these because I hadn't taken anything as good myself. All rights reserved to them, blah blah blah, hope you are all happy. But if it makes any difference, I would recommend them, and their name is just up there on the photos if anyone is interested. ;)

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