17 June 2012

Happy Father's Day!

I was pleasantly surprised to open up my curtains this morning (too early!) to bright sunlight. I'd assumed that Sunday being Father's day was a recipe for rain. I dragged myself downstairs and stuck on the oven for a breakfast of croissants. Mmm. Frozen pastries are THE best thing.
We decided to go on a bike ride across to a pretty village near us, before cycling back for a late pub lunch. Being Father's day, we set off at dad's pace, so true to form, we set off over an hour later than planned. Never let anyone tell you that women take the longest to get ready! We cycled, first alone a canal, then through country lanes and the outskirts of a town. It always amazes me how pretty places can be just a few miles out of the center of towns, regardless of what the town itself is like.
We stopped off at my favorite tearooms at the village. The tearooms, an ancient Tudor lodge, have the prettiest gardens, and it seems to be forever summer there as I only end up going in on warm days.
After relentless teasing about her "slow pace" my mother charmingly suggested we swap bikes. Ouch. Mum's bike is a mountain bike, so cycling on a road is like riding a too-small bike. For the first time, I can actually understand why bmx riders always stand on the peddles.

We had a gorgeous Sunday roast at the pub, which actually belongs to the parents of a friend of mine. The food was heavenly. I had roast pork, with a little bit of stuffing on the side. The portions were very generous, so that a couple of roast potatoes slid across to dad's plate of salmon. Pudding looked too good to pass; a chocolate and rum torte, ice cream, and lime panna cotta were all ordered.

We cycled the last bit home. And you know what? I could have cycled all the way round again. Not bad!
Happy Father's day.

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