20 June 2012

Little Sailing Dreams: 1948 Olympic Torch

When I arrived at my sailing club, where I teach, to see the arrival of the 1948 Olympic Torch, I was not expecting to get asked to receive the torch myself!! The torch itself is touring along the South Coast -our club is the only inland sailing center to hold the torch -from the old 1948 Olympic sailing site in Torquay all to Weymouth. What we're holding in the photo is actually a replica torch -the original has long since crumbled and rusted, but it has still been displayed at Torquay sailing center.

I have to love my little ole' club for their impeccable sense of inventiveness -in an attempt to create a sense of ceremony, we had instructors and students lining the slipway to welcome in two of the youngest sailors holding the torch, whilst sat in a boat that was pulled across the road by my fellow 18 and under instructors (i.e. minions!). The torch was passed from sailor to sailor, like a ancient, tangible Chinese whisper before getting passed to me and one of the level 2's whom I teach.
Then there was the usual grimacing for the local newspaper, with one hand on the other torch, and the other holding the sail back as one of the senior instructors shouting "If you set that sail alight..!" In all, it was a lovely, typically bonkers, event to happen to our club, in unusually perfect weather conditions.
*Awkwardly not having my instructor's top... oops!

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