15 June 2012

Well *ulp* here it is: the first blog. I've been on and of the laptop trying to work out how to use blogger, so I guess that's a learning curve!! I've had my first day off from school this week, as I'm in everyone's favorite season -exam season. Not that I'm at all jealous of all my friends who have finished already...

Hopefully writing a blog will prove to be something that I actually keep up, as my perseverance levels are, shall we say, variable. There's a reason that I never mastered any instruments, despite all the in- and out-of school lessons provided!

So -a little bit about me. I am finishing GCSE's, ready to start A levels next year. Like most teenage girls, I have a love of shopping, though I mostly have to practice window shopping. I'm a total foodie with a huge appetite -I could spend hours in any supermarket's bakery section, and my current obsessions are Asian and deli-style foods. While I'm not always brave enough to put my hair in an updo and sashay down the street in a full, long skirt, I adore all things vintage -particularly tea parties! I care passionately about the environment, to the extent that I've been nicknamed ''recyclopath'' by my friends. So I'll do my best not to rant, okay?
E x

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