11 July 2012

Little Travelling Dreams: Falmouth Boat Trip

Wednesday was an early start as we rushed off to Penzance to catch Maddy's early morning train home. It was a narrow thing, but she made it.
My parents and I then went back to Falmouth, where we had booked a boat trip up the Fal estuary. We stopped at Trelissick garden, which was given to the National Trust by the Copeland family, who still own the impressive mansion today.
The grounds are full of exotic plants and massive ferns, and thanks to all the rain we'd been having, there was definitely a tropical feel to the place.
The pretty little cafe courtyard was my favorite place though, because of all the little birds that had become tamed by feeding on crumbs. It had actually got to the point where we probably should have been feeding the birds as some were getting a little chubby.

It was hard not to though, because they were just too cute!
Later in the day it brightened up considerably, if briefly. We took the opportunity to walk along the coastal path behind our cottage leading to the Lizard.
We passed the Devil's Frying Pan, a collapsed sea cave, in picture-perfect blue sky and sea. The rain still held a strong presence though in the form of thick mud everywhere, slippery to the point that I had to haul myself along tree branches and a certain father of mine went sprawling....
It is amazing how different Cornwall looks in the sun -suddenly you remember why it is you came. In a word: stunning.

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