9 April 2013

Take Three

#1. The sun finally came out and brought with it a little warmth to the wintry April air. Admittedly the briefly pleasant spell has blown over and away from our little island, but it was enough to bring some spring flowers out, including the Narcissus that I bought for in my room, and it is now too late for them to change their minds. So even if the sky looks rather gloomy once again the ground (and my window sill) look vaguely cheerful.
#2. I was really excited to get Emily Schuman's book Cupcakes and Cashmere, inspired by her blog of the same name, especially as it arrived earlier than expected. Miriam and I enjoyed flicking through over morning coffee. I've also been reading Kate Mosse's Citadel, which was excellent.
#3. The Great British Sewing Bee (8pm on Tuesdays on BBC2). Specifically Tilly's gorgeous -and presumably handmade -vintage-style skirts and dresses, and Lauren's pretty tops. Actually, I've just been reading Lauren's 'about' page on the Sewing Bee page and I am feeling pretty inspired, so go have a look.


  1. I love your daffodils, they're so pretty! Which little island are you on (or do you mean the UK as a whole ahaha)? Don't worry, the sun has blown away from Devon too, and has been firmly replaced with rain and clouds. Rubbish. xx

    1. Haha, no just the British Isles! Although how cool would it be to have your own island? I'd go somewhere a little warmer, mind. Well, the weatherman is promising some Southerly warm winds soon... fingers crossed! x


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