12 April 2013

Currently Lusting: Anthropologie's Homewears

As the world is undeniably a global village, a lot of the blogs that I read and follow are based in America, or are in London and have access to flagship stores and travel the world like the airport is part of their daily commute. Consequently, I hear about a lot of global brands that we don't have the same access to in the UK, including Anthropologie. I hadn't really bothered look at their website until now, figuring that it wouldn't be as good an experience as visiting one of the London shops (WHY are there two or three stores across London, one in Edinburgh and nowhere else? I mean, they could have put one in Cardiff or Birmingham, just to spread things out a little? Gah).

Anyway, eventually, I caved in, looked online, and fell head-over-heels in love with all their home accessories, especially all their patterned bowls. I just wish that they stocked more!
While the large bowls create a lot of impact, I love the idea of brightening up my morning yoghurt or porridge with one of their smaller bowls.
Anthropologie has also got lots of sweet little things for around the home. I adore this notebook:
And, while I know that loads of people have this little owl pot, I think it would make a lovely gift, or a treat for yourself.
What are you currently lusting after?

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