4 April 2013

All Change!

Hello lovelies!

I thought I'd tell you about some changes that will be happening to Coffee With Croissants. While this is mainly a food blog, regular readers will have noticed a few different posts creeping in from time to time.
While love of food may be the sincerest of loves, I also wanted to start blogging a bit more about some of my other interests, and create a more organised schedule for posts with regular features.

So, alongside all my usual foodie posts, Coffee With Croissants will be filled with pieces on interiors and architecture, vintage/flea market rummaging and will tie it all in with lots of lovely photos. Speaking of interiors, I am just waiting to have my curtains made, and I will be able to show you my finished bedroom, after showing you my little shopping haul for my room here.

Some new posts that you can expect to see:
  • Monthly interior's moodboard
  • Places of interest
  • What's in season/ingredient of the month
  • Environmently friendly collections and brands for food, interiors, fashion and make up
  • Take three -three things to inspire you or that have made me smile
...and of course, all my usual recipes and thoughts!

I'm also looking to redesign Coffee With Croissants. I've got it all sketched out on paper, so I will just be waiting on a quiet weekend to get it all done and set up online, although this may need to be after the joy that is exams...

Please leave a comment below to let me know your thoughts on all this!
Until next time,
Eleanor x


  1. Hey Eleanor,
    Really looking forward to the changes and to see what else you bring. The new features sound awesome and I'll definitely be reading.

  2. Hi Eleanor, this all sounds great! Looking forward to seeing your new posts, exciting times :)

  3. Thanks for all you love and support guys! xx


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