5 April 2013

Spring Cycling

The sun seems to have finally come out in time to give us a proper, blustery April, albiet a little cooler than desired still. I'm not sure if it is going to last, but I'll be making the most of the weather while I can. Tomorrow, I am meeting one of my oldest friends, Miriam from Coffee Chanel Lipstick, who is staying for a few days, and we'll be marching out to go shopping, regardless of the weather. So excited!

Today however, the sun was reliably present, and I took myself off into town on my bike, and finally bought myself a bike basket. I'm such a sucker for nostalgia, and the fact that I can now ride in style without bags piled onto my back is making me feel pretty pleased with myself. I'd love to have a vintage-style bike too, but since they come with a pretty hefty price tag, I'll definitely be sticking to my trusty little hybrid bike.

I'd had possibly preferred  a larger, slightly more durable model, but hopefully this will be just what I need, especially as I am planning to start cycling as part of my daily commute.

I'm really ready for some warmer weather now -all my winter clothes are wanting a break! Roll on summer! xx

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