14 January 2013

Week Roundup

Little bit late, but here's my photowall of what I've been up to!!
Clockwise, from top left:
  1. My gorgeous new fingerless gloves, bought as a birthday gift from my friend Maddy.
  2. Cupcake cases mentioned in a previous post.
  3. Huge history of fashion book, a birthday gift from my aunt.
  4. My new apron!!
  5. These lovely chocolates, also bought by Maddy, came from a little chocolatier's in the French Alps. They are, quite honestly, the most divine things that I have ever tasted!
  6. My spiced birthday cake.
  7. The demolished houses in Whitby, damaged by landslides. The destruction made national new, but guess what? See the row of houses directly below the demolished houses, visible by only their roof's? The one in the middle used to belong to my Great Grandma! Luckily she is currently living in Scotland, so hasn't had any property damaged, which is luckier than many of the residents of Whitby.
  8. My vintage-style hanger, also mentioned in previous posts.
  9. Middle: Red velvet cupcakes, which I'll be blogging about very soon...

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