19 January 2013

Favorite Vintage Shops

I thought I'd do a post summarizing a few of my current favorite vintage shops that I have been browsing in. I have listed a few places from both the north and south of the UK, and I will be sure to let you know about any more that I discover on my travels.

Poot, Frome
I love this shop! It is located up St. Catherine's Hill in Frome, the street that turns this fairly ordinary town into a mecca for those that celebrate eras past. I have been to many great cafe's here (including The Garden Cafe for artisan food and fabulous coffee's and Stardust for cupcakes, frangipanes and vintage crockery) to quench the thirst caused by hours of rummaging. St. Catherine's Hill is filled almost exclusively with independent shops, vintage stores, dress agencies and other places of interest.
Poot, however, is possibly my favorite. It is crammed with vintage clothes and accessories -especially accessories -and has a rail of replica dresses which are lovely. I got a really cool briefcase from here, with the original owner's name still printed on (presumably a boy's school bag).
And you never know, you might just bump into somebody famous; in Company magazine, Daisy Lowe spoke about her love of Poot, and how her much-loved leather jacket was bought there. So if you are ever in Somerset, do try and pop in -you'll be in good company.

Scarlett Vintage, Bath 
Tucked away in Queen Street (right by the Wild Cafe which makes the most fabulous stack pancakes with strawberries, don't you know) is a real gem of a store. Scarlett Vintage, though perfectly petite, is always well stocked with gorgeous things. The website is excellent, as are the regular tweet-updates of new stock and goings on in Bath.
Although the range, in terms of decades and eras, is varied, Scarlett Vintage really comes into it's own with beautiful pre-1920's dresses.
 In addition, if you like vintage designer gifts, you have a good chance of finding some here; I have seen various brand scarfs, most recently Dior and Liberty, and the first time I ever visited Scarlett Vintage I came across a pair of Rayban Wayfarers. I have also spotted tweets about Jasper Conran dresses and Lanvin capes... race you there!
 [Thanks Scarlett Vintage for the kind permission to use these photos!]

Purple Haze, York
Purple Haze, located on Fossgate, a cobbled street that is home to niche shops, luxury delis and award-winning coffee shops; has a fantastic range of both men's and women's clothing. I bought my favorite green scarf from here, although it's real specialism seems to be cream knits -there is a whole rack dedicated to them! Purple Haze also buys in Barbour jackets every now and again for a pretty good price. They are typically men's parkers, but I think there are often smaller sizes if you're quick.

I love the decor of this shop too; wardrobe-fronted dressing rooms, bookcase designed wallpaper and all the clothes are laid out neatly with plenty of room to browse rather than rummage.

Where do you like to shop? Leave a comment if you have any recommendations!


  1. What fun shops! I love the outside of Purple Haze. I wish there was a better variety of vintage stores where I live. Lucky you!

  2. They are great! I often find you have to go ever so slightly off the beaten track -usually a street tucked behind a main shopping area -to find vintage shops, so good luck!
    I love little junk shops too for old records and bits for the home.


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