18 January 2013

From Russia with Love

Oh my goodness!! The weathermen and women weren't joking when they promised an eastern cold snap. I have been in my wellies all week and it has just kept on snowing.
On plus side, my Dad has been at home a bit this week, so we have been warmed with his signature one-pot dinners -vegetable curry, goulash and yesterday we tucked in to some gorgeous rice pudding for afters.

While I haven't done much cooking bar a quick bit of spaghetti bolognese, I have been rummaging at potential new recipe's and cookery books.
 I found was Boutique Baking by Peggy Porschen. While being one of a family of three does not afford me much of a chance to go for showy bakes, especially as my Dad is not a fan of icing, I was really tempted to get this. It features lots of adorable little nibbles to glamorize any morning coffee or showcase at a vintage afternoon tea. I would have also liked to have had a go at the techniques to make normal tiered sponge cakes become centerpieces in their own right by the use of decorative techniques and additional ingredients.
Peggy Porschen
These meringue kisses look so pretty; I really hope that the oven at our new house is easy to become accustomed to because I really want to make these!

I was delighted to discover that York Waterstones has an extensive range of cookery books. I was intrigued by Rose Prince's Kitchenella (I have linked a review of it here). In some way, it reminded of the books written in the 1950's -huge and full of text. There seemed to be lots of interesting comments, stories and tips at the start of sections and surrounding recipes, which I really like. I will definitely buy this next time I do a book haul.

In the meantime though, I'll be nursing my bruises from a few snowball hit. I haven't let the snow stop me from wearing skirts and dresses this week, particularly as I have found that it is so easy to sneak a few extra layers underneath!! I was very grateful for my fluffy Seasalt socks that I was given to wear under my wellies... cold feet are not my idea of a good week!
 Jumper, Wallis; Dress, H! Henry Holland and wellies by Hunter

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  1. Seeing you wearing your short Skirt, Tights and Wellies makes me feel a tenderness towards you, you look really sweet.


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