14 August 2013

Turkey #3 Boat Trips and diving

One thing that I knew that I wanted to get out of my holiday was being busy. I booked myself six days unlimited sailing and windsurfing, and spent a few evenings practising yoga with the most incredibly talented, flexible teacher, Monica. She could see our bodies' limits with a glance, and helped everyone attending to get the best possible benefit from each pose.

I addition to this, I also wanted to get a practise dive in. Both of my parents are open water qualified divers, and I've always wanted to join them, but up until now, I hadn't had a chance myself. I absolutely loved it, which is a good thing, since I want to become a European Scientific Diver as part of my journey to becoming a marine biologist. Breathing underwater felt surprisingly natural and comfortable, and luckily for me, my ears equalise from pressure easily, which should help me should I ever go for deeper dives. Had we been staying a little longer, I would have seriously been tempted to pay for my PADI open water certificate there and then.

Mama with the adorable ship's dog!
Another day was spent on the Mediterranean waters on a boat trip. We cruised around the coastline, stopping at various points to go swimming in the clear sea. The captain and his sons looked after us all really well, and we were treated to a feast of a lunch, with salads, stuffed mushrooms, savoury pastries and the centre piece: fresh sea bream, grilled in front of us on a barbecue. Throughout the afternoon, we were kept well fed with gooey sweet figs and cactus fruit (prickly pears).
On our last stop, we entered a pretty cove where fish swarmed to eat the scraps of fruit and bread that we threw to them, and geese swam from outside the little house of their owner in a glimpse of an older Turkish lifestyle. Suddenly, a little boat approached us -an ice cream boat! That really was too cool. Ice creams abroad are always better than in the UK, because even the big brands sell a much greater variety of flavours -I treated myself to both strawberry and pistachio Magnums throughout the week. 

We finished back outside our hotel's beach front; close enough to swim luxuriously back to shore.

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