12 August 2013

Turkey #2 Turkish Bazaars

I was in Turkey in one of the hottest weeks of the year, with almost every day surpassing the 40 degree mark. Because of this, it was hard to go anywhere away from the coast for much of the day. So last Thursday, Mum and I found myself on a Dolmus, a local minibus service, first thing in the morning, zooming across the rugged countryside to reach Yalikavak Bazaar before it got too hot.

Turkish bazaars are markets that are feasts for the eyes. Yalikavak's bazaar was largely food based, on a huge scale. Each seller filled overflowing basket with an array of fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts and spices. Had we not been staying in a half-board hotel, I would have made some serious foodie purchases, but as it was, I had to steer away from most of the perishable items. Luckily, bazaars don't stop there, and we wended our way around to stalls filled with jewellery, textiles and ceramics. I love how the markets are all organised into clear sections for different products, which made working our way around all the stalls much easier.

This overhead cover was a godsend against the heat of the sun:
I purchased a few bracelets and an anklet, as well as this gorgeous handmade bowl. I probably paid over the odds for all of it... I need to get better at bartering! But despite the tourist-inflated prices, it was hardly expensive, so I wasn't too worried.

Afterwards, my Mother and I walked down to the marina for a drink and some light lunch, cooled by the gentle sea breeze.
The temperature was well up by then, so we walked back through the shopping quarter -filled with independent shops -and hopped onto anther Dolmus and headed back to the hotel.

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