13 February 2013

Pancakes, pancakes, pancakes.

Yesterday, I stumbled home an hour and a half or so later than usual after an afternoon practical exam; I  think it went well, but I was pretty tired by the time I got home; my eyes kept shutting on the train and I was somewhat concerned at what might of happened if I'd actually fallen asleep and missed my stop...

Luckily, Dad was on hand with a speedy, tasty dinner. I arrived home to a stir fry with prawns and a sweet chilli sauce. When making a quick stir fry during the week, I'll typically pick up a box of mixed stir fry veg, some fresh noodles and maybe a tin of water chestnuts too. I'll then have a look through my copy of Ching's Fast Food for inspiration on sauces, marinades and extra bits to spice the meal up. For a first attempt, my Father's stir fry was pretty good!

Afterwards, of course, we had to have pancakes for Pancake Day. I miss having our gas hob, which had a fabulous cast iron griddle attachment that was perfect for firing up for American-style pancakes. Yesterday, we got a saucepan out instead, and went for the classic English with sugar and lemon. We used a recipe from the old Katie Stewart recipe book, that somehow claimed to make 12 pancakes from the batter. We didn't even get five! Pancake batter isn't exactly high tech though, so a second batch was soon delivered for helping no.2.

We don't tend to add sugar to any drinks, so we've no need for a sugar bowl. As I hardly wanted to dump a bag of sugar on the table, I grabbed a teacup and saucer and used that to serve the sugar and all the slices of lemon. Cute, non?

Who else had pancakes yesterday (who didn't?!) What did you have -English, American or crêpe? When we have American pancakes, it has to be maple syrup, often with a poached egg first if they are for breakfast. What was your choice of topping? I personally liked Lakeland's crêpe stack:Stack of pancakes
Here's to quick and delicious meals!

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