20 February 2013

Marks Hall

I woke up on Sunday to startling right sunshine. For the first time in ages, I peered out of the window to not be able to see a single cloud in the sky. Ali and I didn't have any plans for the morning before going to see Paloma Faith, so we took the morning at a leisurely pace. We breakfasted in Ali's conservatory, making the most of the sun.
The weather soon closed in, and was pretty foggy by the time we went for a walk around Marks Hall gardens and arboretum. We decided to go there primarily for  the snowdrops which are just coming into season, but it was nice to stretch my legs, and the grounds were all really pretty, despite the fact that most of the plants were still in their dormant winter state.

[Thanks for this, and the breakfast photo Ali!]

All the recent rain made everything really muddy, so I was relieved to be wearing Ali's wellies. A few places were closed for winter repair work, but we were able to wind our way past the pretty streams and ponds over to the snowdrop-filled woodland.

 After that we headed with cold hands towards the cafe. I entered with good intentions about a soup lunch, but they had just sold out, so the two of us picked the cake option. Carrot for me, and citrus sponge for Ali.

After that we headed back for a few hours of prepping and preening before heading out. Taking a walk  out occasionally is refreshing compared the usually cooped-up state most of us exist in. On a day sandwiched between two of seven-to-eight hour rail journeys, this was perfect.

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