6 June 2013

The Finish Line

After three months of hard revision, I am happy to say that I have finished all my exams for this year! It is such a relief... I can have "me" time again! Plus I can now give my blog some much needed love since I've had to neglect it for a while. I had seven exams, nine including general studies, and hopefully everything went okay. There were a couple of tough exams, but I'm not going to worry about any of it until August.

Exams haven't been the only thing that I have been finishing; on Sunday I completed my first ever Race for Life. I've been thinking about doing it for years, so when a friend of mine, Abbie suggested that we entered, I decided it was finally time to go for it. One problem though -I only had a month to get running again! I'd ran a little over summer 2012, but I hadn't been properly training for ages. So I've spent the last month exploring my local area as I gradually picked up my pace again, and I was so pleased to run the whole 5km without stopping in 31 minutes. It was pretty slow by most people's standards, but I'll be keeping up training to beat my time next year, or maybe go for the 10km. Abbie has a couple of photos of us, I think, so I'll pop them up on twitter if I can get hold of them.
The Race for Life was really well organised and was so fun. My JustGiving page is still running, although is looking a little empty since I've been mostly getting sponsorship in hand, so if you feel like donating to Cancer Research, my page is here ;) Thank you!
 The closest I could get to any photo's of me!! My forehead and a swish of my hair!
All photo's from the York Press website.

So here's to feeling summery. Our garden is looking well on it's way to being productive and I'll hopefully be getting lots of salad leaves and strawberries soon; and there is nothing nicer than nipping onto the terrace for a few sprigs of fragrant thyme. Hope that you're all feeling as good as I am!


  1. Congratulations on all fronts :) have an excellent summer!

    1. Thank you! Happy to be back to blogging :)

  2. Amen to that sistaaa!!! Testify in the name of the loord almighty!!! ;-)


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