19 June 2013

Competition Wins

Hello! Today I thought I'd share some recent competition wins. I won most of these within the space of a few days which made for a pretty exciting winning streak.

Firstly I arrived home from an exam to a message from Holly of HollysBeautyBox saying that I'd won her hair and nails gift box. The gift contained a Bristows leave in conditioner; Neals Yard Hand Cream; Nails Inc Gel Effect Top Coat; Undressing Cream By Bumble & Bumble; Collection nail polish in Candy Floss; Maybelline  Gel Polish In Coral Reef; OPI Play The Peonies and also a Mellor & Russell PINK Hairdye!

I've found myself using some of the products pretty regularly, especially the Neal's Yard organic honey hand cream, which smells so good! I especially love how Neal's Yard are donating £10 000 per year to bee-conservation projects, as protection against bee numbers falling is something that I strongly support. I'm also loving having a Nails Inc top coat, and a bit of Bumble and Bumble for holiday.

On the very same day I was then tweeted by Debenhams notifying me that I'd won their Pinterest My Dream Prom competition (see my winning board here).

I was lucky enough to be given the whole range of Elemis' Fresh Skin skincare. There's so much I love -the cleanser, exfoliator, serums and moisturisers.... I will definitely be repurchasing!
Then, on a quick 20 Question-style twitter competition run by Benefit cosmetics I had my third win. We had to guess the product to win it, and luckily for me, the product that I happened to guess wasn't only the correct one, but also the blusher, Hervana, that I had been saving up for. I don't tend to treat myself to make up very often, so I was really excited about this one!
Lastly, I won this adorable frog prince charm, courtesy of John Greed Jewellery. It's so cute! At the risk of sounding a bit soppy, I think that this is the perfect romantic charm to be bought.


  1. Wow, well done, I'm jealous - especially of all the Elemis stuff, how amazing! I used to 'comp' as a hobby and it's so exciting when you get a win x

    1. Hehe thanks! Couldn't believe to win these pretty much all at once! Nice post-exam treat I think! Keep it up and let me know of your wins x

  2. Wow great wins
    Send me some luck x


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