14 April 2013

Design Solutions

Today I have a little challenge for you all: what should I do with this space?

My room is almost finished now, having received my curtains last week, and just needs really two things: my photos and pictures getting hung up, and deciding what place in this little gap. To help set the scene, I am planning on popping my decorative hangers on the wall above, and pinning a retro print above my bedside table, to the right of the photo.

I need just a little extra area for sticking stuff displaying my things. Some of my ideas so far:
  • A chair or stool
  • A small table
  • A slim chest of drawers (like this)
  • A mannequin for holding bags and jewellery
 What do you think? Do you like any of these, or do you have some better ideas of your own?
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