2 March 2013

Liebster Award

I am very excited to say that Jojo of Miss Jojangles has nominated Coffee with Croissants for the Liebster Award!
If you are nominated, you need to:
  1. List 11 facts about yourself.
  2. Answer the 11 questions asked by the blogger who nominated you.
  3. Chose 11 bloggers with under 200 followers to nominate, and let them know that they have been picked
  4. Write 11 new questions for them
  5. Finally, leave a link back to the blogger who nominated you.
So.... 11 facts about me!!
  1. I did gymnastics for some six years when I was younger, training 13 hours every week. Sufficed to say, I am not as fit as that now!
  2. I am a huge foodie now, but when I was younger I was so fussy that I once spent an hour and a half picking my way through some rice dish.
  3. My favourite TV presenter/chef/awesome person is Rachel Khoo. She is something of an inspiration of mine. :)
  4. I used to seem to have the lucky gene. I always won raffles and tombola's -once winning three out of four available hampers -and my parents always got me to pick raffle and lottery tickets. Sadly, since I became old enough to buy scratch cards, I haven't won a thing!
  5. I have never broken any bones, but I am quite good at getting bruises. 
  6. I don't tan. Every year, I get some awful burn line, which eventually fades.... back to whiteness.
  7. There are times when I think I should be in my thirties. Tea party? Hell yes! Dinner party? Nice. Night clubbing.... not so much. House parties are always fun though, so there's still a bit of teenager in me!
  8. I love vintage clothes, but I'm not often brave enough to wear them!
  9. I didn't take English lit A level, and I really, really miss it. But I'm glad I took what I did, even if Maths is insanely hard!
  10. When I was five, I went to a glass blower's demo in Bath, and for ages afterwards, I wanted to do it as a job!
  11. I think that afternoon tea is possibly the world's greatest invention. Yum!

Jojangles asked me:
  1. Who is your favourite blogger? This is so hard!! I was looking through my Bloglovin page, trying to work out who I read the most of... can I pick three?! I love LauraLovesCakes, and I am always checking out Victoria's Vintage's latest posts. I like to follow Grey+Scout for beautiful interiors ideas. Actually, speaking of bloggers, please post your links down below! I love finding new people.
  2. What is your favourite sound? Right now I am sat at my desk; it is pretty quiet with just the sounds of some birds outside, and that is pretty nice. I can't concentrate even on little things if its too noisy.
  3. What was the last concert that you went to and what is your dream concert? A couple of weeks ago, I went to see the amazing Paloma Faith. I'd like to see someone in one of the really big arenas, with a really talented soloist or band like Bellowhead.
  4. Do you have a lucky number? Don't really have one.
  5. If you could play an instrument, what would it be? I was awful at learning to play anything! Despite school recorder and violin lessons, extra curricular guitar lessons and attempts at the saxaphon, I cannot play anything! I never practised. But if I could play the piano effortlessly, that would be cool.
  6. Favourite childhood story? I read A LOT as a kid! Still do, though I have less time. I read a gorgeous book called North Child (also know as East) which is based on Norwegian folk tales, and Beauty and the Beast, and I still think about it today. Then, obviously, I was a total Potter-head seeing as the series is pretty much as old as I am!
  7. Have you ever dyed your hair? Nope. I am a natural blonde, and happy that way! 
  8. Do you have a nerdy guilty pleasure? For whatever reason, a lot of the guys that I know are Lord of the Rings geeks, and I'm always happy to join in with the Frodo-Samwise bromance talks! But love flipping through recipe books as a bit of kitchen geekery!
  9. Could you give up Facebook? Well as a administrator of a couple of groups I have an excuse not to! But even without it I couldn't. I'm far too nosey!!
  10. What are your favourite flavours? Very similar to Jojangles! Cinnamon, nutmeg, lemon, coconut, chilli.... I love dishes that kick! Just maybe not all of those flavours together...
  11. If you have to go back in time, when would you live? If I were in some nice wealthy family, I'd say the 1920-30's because of all the Art Deco influences and the Jazz Era. But I'd also love the 50's/early 60's for the nostalgia. Both of these eras had a lot of reform and developments like today, so they would be pretty exciting to live in.
My questions:
  1. It's a little cliché, but  I would love to live in Paris. Which city would you like to live in?
  2.  Over the years, I have found some amazing tea rooms and café's. Where is your favourite place to eat?
  3. Horror films -love them or loath them? (I can't even watch the Woman in Black without hiding!)
  4. I am seriously addicted to chocolate. What is your addiction?
  5. Are you a bookworm?
  6. You're given £1000 to spend on one thing. What would it be?
  7. Favourite place? It could be a country, place or even a cosy corner in your house.
  8. Apple or Windows?
  9. Did you make a new year's resolution, and have you been sticking to it? ;)
  10. Be honest: Are you a tidy or messy person? I'm a bit lazy about putting things, but I hate things looking out of place, so eventually do a tidy round.
  11. What is your favourite item in your house?
My chosen bloggers:
  1. Miriam from Coffee Chanel Lipstick
  2. Fiona of 14th and South
  3.  Vicki from Tallulah's Bakery
  4. Jaquina of Jazzyleelbc
  5. Sophie of Sophie's Conscience 
  6. Wil of Gingerbread Lad
  7. Magdalena from Lullaby for Pies
  8. Kelly from Mad about Baking
  9. Rebecca, author of Freckles and Frolics
  10. Helen from Treasure Every Moment
  11. Lauren from A Baked Thesis
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