25 February 2013

Bedding and Room Haul

I think it is safe to say that I had a pretty busy week off. After a long (nearly eight hours!!) journey back from seeing Paloma Faith at Ali's, I had a fair list of things to do. My Grandmother had come up for the week, so taking her dog for walks around my village gave me a chance to have a nosy around my new community.

The next few days were split between stripping wallpaper in my room with my Grandma and dealing with the pile of work and essays I had to do. I'm pretty pleased now though; the work is done, the steam strippers and scrapers have done their job, and my walls are now ready for painting! We've decided not to remove the carpet; although it is a little scary and violet, it is pretty good quality. Instead, I've ended up going with the colour rather than fight it. I'd spent ages carefully making up Pinterest pinboards with simple grey and green pallets, but by the time we had hit the shops on Saturday, I had changed my mind at least twice...
So, Saturday. We left the dog, and hopped on a train into town. After running a few errands we stopped off for coffee and brunch. While I have been going off coffee a little lately (shocking!), nothing can beat hot filter coffee from a Nick Munro cafetiere, drunk black or with hot milk. With this, I had a toasted English muffin with tomato chutney, bacon, and a side salad. Having refreshed ourselves, a battle plan was laid -objective: decorate my room.

I started at Cath Kidston, and in a blissful haze inspire by the oh-so-pretty bedroom display, I almost came out with armfuls of kitsch prints. I was really taken by the green eiderdown and two-sided antique rose duvets. After some to-ing and frowing between Cath Kidston and Laura Ashley, I settled on heathery-coloured throws and cushions from Laura Ashley. I'm still casting furtive glances over at floral teawear sets, mind.

I can't wait to get my room painted so I can start using these!! We then went to BHS to get some plain white bedding and a light shade. I got a pretty, chandelier-style cover, but I forgot to take a photo, so that will have to wait until my room is finished and I can do a room tour. I also spotted lots of nice throws and sheets in the "Vintage" collection, which would be nice if I ever feel like a summer decor refresh.

We found two pretty  accessories too. In BHS I bought a sugar tin, reduced to £2.20 because of a near-invisible dent. From a really pretty homewear/crafts shop, my Grandma bought me this purple vase, which I love.
I'm looking forward now to getting everything finished and looking pretty.... Who else has been redecorating lately?


  1. You got some lovely things. I'm going to be moving house in a couple of months so I'm taking mental note of all the pretty things I've been seeing. It's going to be the first time I'll be able to decorate and make a place my own, s really excited about that :)
    Looking forward to seeing your finished room.
    Mel x

    1. Ooh, Pinterest is the best thing for this! You can upload pictures of bits that you've seen as well as repin others ideas; it is so good for organizing a rough mood board xx


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