26 January 2013

And... More Snow?!

This morning I woke up to another thick blanket of snow. It has been promised to thaw out by the start of next week though and this is probably a good thing -I'm sick of being overly bundled up in layers and as much as I love my wellies, two solid weeks of them is a little much...
Speaking of wellingtons, I had to replace mine today. I'd only had them three or four months, but water has been getting into the right foot, which was annoying. Luckily I still had the receipt, and a 12-month guarantee, so I got some new ones! I had thought about maybe switching to a deep grape colour or glossy black but there wasn't much choice in stock. Luckily there was one pair of navy Hunters left so I didn't have to have an odd colour, or size 11's...
 We took a walk out of my village to the farmshop while the snow was relatively undisturbed. The path to the shop is along an old railway track. The railway buildings are still used as a sports hall and the village social club and bar.
While it is definitely a shame that there isn't a train service to use, the path is gorgeous on a day like today.

I think that this is my favorite shot: the snow just looked so pretty in the morning with the sun shining on it.
 It has been absolutely gorgeous, but I think I'm ready for the big thaw now... roll on summer!


  1. Lucky you! All our snow has been washed away by rain now! Boo!

    1. The snow above literally disappeared overnight -probably a good thing as I've been moving house this last week!! Kinda dreaming of summer now though...


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